Affordable Revenue Generation For Small Businesses

Vera Media come from the word veracity - conformity to facts; habitual truthfulness.

We're a marketing agency built by sales people. Sales people that know how to generate revenue, who are held accountable to dollars and cents, but are tired of being reliant on "marketers" that cover their ineffectiveness by focusing on engagement, likes, and retweets, rather than revenue. 

Who We Work WithWhat We Do

The Beautiful Thing About Revenue is it's Simplicity

You either hit your number, or you don't. Here at Vera Media, we hold ourselves accountable to your revenue goals.  

We specialize in working with two types of Businesses:

- 70% of B2B search queries are made on smartphones.

-93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and 47% of people click on one of the first three listings 

- At any given time, 84% of Americans are shopping for something.

-While content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it generates more than 3X as many leads.  

-72% of Instagram users have purchased a product that they saw on the app.

- 81% of buyers conduct research online before purchasing, yet only 25% of small businesses invest in online marketing.

Established ReferentialsA business who's historical revenue and growth have come from customer referrals. These businesses have been validated by the market but realize they cannot scale without finding a more efficient way to automate customer growth.

Product-Market Fit Pioneers: These are early stage companies who have just found product market fit and need to grow their pipeline NOW.

What We do

Vera Media has several principles, one is, "No one solution will work for more than one client." Every client we work with exists in a unique space in their universe. That being said, here are some of the things that we've done. 

Let's Talk

Paid digital advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to dramatically increase prospective-client meetings at industry conferences. 

Pitching print publications, blogs, local T.V. shows, youtube channels, and podcasts to increase client's book sales.  

Website SEO optimization to increase inbound Consultation requests by 46% in 3 months.

Using Google Adwords to increase lingerie product sales by 130% in 2 months

Ghostwriting articles on behalf of our clients to increase appointments in their local community.

Lead & Traffic Generation

Full ROI Tracking

Identify the right marketing channels& technology for your needs

Complete Digital Management- Website, Social, Content Creation, PR, etc.


Website and Landing Page design to increase monthly consultation appointments by 240%.

Website and Landing Page design to increase monthly consultation requests by 240%.